At Claro KC, we offer training and technical assistance in support of acquisition and assistance (A&A) activities and implementation strategies, project management, capacity building, decision-making, conflict transformation, and wise use of resources to organizations for effective coordination and execution of domestic and international development programs. Training, technical assistance approaches, methodology, and strategies are designed and implemented by a knowledgeable and experienced team.

Technical assistance services, for both acquisition and assistance activities, are tailored to meet the specific needs of organizations through provisions of subject matter experts, providing off-site and on-site support to overall acquisition and assistance workforce.

These services support Program, Acquisition and Finance Offices and include: solicitation preparation, pre-award and post award activities, capacity development, compliance, market research, strategy development, programming documentation, coordination of Technical Evaluation Panels, past-performance assessments, Statement of Work and evaluation criteria, and preparation of collaborative communication.

Claro KC supports USAID Mission needs and provides compliance training to implementing partners with existing and customized courses. Assistance takes into account specific circumstances and culture for successful and satisfying solutions.