Meet Claro KC Trainers, Facilitators, Mentors/Coaches and Subject Matter Experts

Mollie Allers  joined Claro KC LLC as an Acquisition and Assistance Specialist in March 2016. In that role, Mollie facilitates Grants and Cooperative Agreement Compliance courses and supports a variety of acquisition and assistance projects for the U.S. Agency for International Development. Prior to joining Claro KC, Mollie worked as a Program Manager at the Partnership for Public Service in Washington, D.C. where she designed and delivered training programs for federal employees from across government. Her portfolio included management of the Leadership Excellence in Acquisition Program (LEAP), a leadership development program for mid-level Contracting Officers and Contracting Specialists. In addition, Mollie supported the organization’s Center for Presidential Transition, designing custom training courses for federal executives and political appointees.

Timothy T. Beans is a former senior executive and USAID Procurement Executive. He served as the Director of the Office of Acquisition and Assistance and Mission Director and has more than 40 years of professional experience leading international and domestic public and private sector programs. He has a stellar reputation in international development where his leadership skills and business acumen have enabled him to effectively develop and manage large-scale programs with multiple components. He has managed complex regional programs with focuses on public affairs, environmental and health issues, emergency response planning and implementation, and customer service. He served as USAID Mission Director of the Regional Development Mission in Asia (RDMA/Asia) where he managed all USAID programming in Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, and China and led the agency’s response to the 2004 tsunami.  He currently provides consultant services and is a Senior Trainer to USAID employees for the basic and enhanced courses for Agreement and Contracting Officer Representatives (AOR/COR), as well as lead trainer for Claro KC’s Grant and Cooperative Agreement Course for USAID Staff and Partners.

Jeffery Bell, Vice-President Claro KC, is a retired (2010) USAID Contracting and Agreement Officer with twenty years working directly with USAID in Washington and USAID Missions overseas, and twenty five years overall experience in federal acquisition and assistance positions. His USAID experience includes the positions of Mission Director, Deputy Mission Director and former Deputy Director for Operations of USAID’s Office of Acquisition and Assistance (OAA); in addition to assignments overseas in the capacity of Contracting and Agreement Officer. Since retiring from USAID in 2010, Mr. Bell has provided acquisition and assistance consultant services and is a Senior Trainer for USAID’s Agreement and Contracting Officer Representative (AOR/COR) and Basic Assistance courses for USAID employees.

Jay Bergman retired as a USAID Contracting and Agreement Officer with over forty years of acquisition and assistance experience in the U.S. and overseas. Since retiring in 2000, Mr. Bergman remains engaged as a consultant providing expert acquisition and assistance services to USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA), Office of Transitions Initiative (OTI), Office of Food for Peace, Office of American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) and Bureau for Food Security (BFS), as well as a number of USAID partner organizations. Mr. Bergman serves as a Senior Trainer for USAID’s Agreement and Contracting Officer Representative (AOR/COR) courses.

Barbara Brocker has over 25 years of experience in federal contracts, grants, cooperative agreements and related compliance matters. She served in a variety of positions with the US Government including Contracting and Agreement Officer, Acquisition and Assistance Ombudsman and Director of Procurement Policy for USAID. She also served as Associate Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer for an international health NGO. In 2008, Barbara launched her own company – Allegro Global Procurement Solutions. Allegro specializes in design and delivery of compliance training, policy and procedure writing and trouble-shooting of contract, grant and cooperative agreement compliance matters. Barbara is a Senior Training for the USAID A&A Management for CORs/AORs, Enhanced COR/AOR Skills Course and A&A Seminar for USAID Executives and an Allegro USAID Statement of Work Writing Workshop. She has designed and delivered over 25 unique classroom and on-line courses for USAID focused on international development.

Pablo Carvajal has over fifteen years of experience in project design and implementation of education, communication, and research strategies to strengthen social participation and conflict transformation. He has administered projects in rural and urban areas promoting social inclusion for women, youth, African Americans, and immigrants and served as a lead trainer with social groups at the local and national level and with nonprofit and governmental organizations at the international level. Mr. Carvajal has managed projects regarding restorative justice, alternative methods for conflict resolution, human rights, gender violence, environmental conservation, and HIV prevention.

Manuel Delgado Chu is an international trainer and facilitator on restorative practices. Mr. Delgado has extensive international experience having worked in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru and Spain. He was the Founder and Deputy Director of the Latin American Restorative Practices Institute, which promotes the use of restorative practices in conflict resolution. He is an authorized restorative practices instructor certified by the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP). Previously, he worked as the manager of juvenile detention centers in Peru and was responsible for the rehabilitation and social reintegration of juvenile offenders. In this role, he promoted the Restorative Justice Youth Project in Peru in alliance with multi-level governmental and non-governmental actors. Mr. Delgado has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the Ricardo Palma University. He has a master’s degree in education administration from Lima University. He earned master’s degrees in family educational counseling and neuropsychology and education from the Pedagogical Counseling & Training School, an affiliate of the Complutense University of Madrid and the Villanueva Center for Education Promotion of Spain.

Alysia Fullen is a skilled management consultant with over eighteen years of experience in international development. She is skilled in the design and delivery of adult learning training programs and is a highly regarded facilitator. Ms Fullen serves as a senior facilitator for two USAID employee courses: Programming Foreign Assistance (PFA) based on the ADS 200 series (programming policy) and Contracting/Agreement Officer Representative Certification Training Course. Over the past 5 years she has trained approximately 1,050 USAID staff in these two courses. She has co-facilitated the Claro KC Grants and Cooperative Agreements Course for USAID Staff and Partners numerous times, and is leading efforts on a large acquisition and assistance workforce development initiative at USAID/India.  She is fluent in Spanish.

Rodger Garner is a former senior manager with USAID with more than 30 years of professional management and donor coordination experience in all sectors of USAID programing.  He served in Senior USAID Leadership positions in Pakistan, Mexico, Romania and Nicaragua and has extensive management experience in negotiating inter-agency budgets, supervising large-scale Development Outreach and Communication programs, managing staff exceeding 300 employees, and providing expertise in host country engagement.  His skills includes drafting, editing and presenting complex programs to a wide variety of audiences, including both U.S. and foreign countries.  Prior positions held at USAID include Mission Director, Deputy Mission Director,  Program Office Director, Agriculture Development Officer and Agriculture Economist.

Lori Gravely-Novello has over fifteen years experience designing and delivering training programs to adult learners throughout the US and around the world. She is skilled at working with diverse learners, allowing individuals and teams to use their strengths to assess and expand their skills and knowledge. She has written training materials for a variety of USG institutions and NGOs and helped those materials reach a broad audience by pairing the course designs with adaptable facilitation guides. She is particularly interested in helping organizations and individuals adopt writing practices and styles that can help them communicate their ideas effectively in plain language.

Jean Hacken served as the first Chief of Compliance for International Relief and Development (IRD), an international non-governmental organization which implemented global projects for USAID, the Department of State, USDA, the Department of Labor, numerous UN organizations, the Commonwealth of Australia, and the World Bank. Prior to joining IRD, she served as a Contracting Officer in USAID where she was responsible for cradle to grave management of contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements with an unlimited warrant. She later worked in the U.S. Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) as the Director for Program Support where she was responsible for the training, procurement, finance/budget, communications, and information technology needed for the humanitarian assistance and disaster response operations. She led the OFDA response to disasters in India, Kosovo, Haiti, Macedonia, Portugal, and Liberia.

Kappy Hall enjoyed a career as an educator, dating back to London, England in 1967, where she was introduced to Restorative Justice.  As Assistant Principal of a small, non-traditional high school in Boulder, Colorado, she facilitated a student-led restorative justice team that facilitated circles for student infractions in their own school and nearby middle schools. Kappy also led the Student Equity Leadership Cohort at New Vista for four years and made presentations on intercultural competency to the restorative justice community.  In 2009, she co-founded with Beverly Title ReSolutionaries, Inc. which provides training and consultation in restorative practices to schools and school districts in Colorado and currently volunteers for the Boulder Country District Attorney’s and 19th Judicial District Restorative Justice Programs.  Retired from training, she brings the voice of a “wise elder” to restorative justice communities and provide guidance and wise counsel to Claro KC staff.

Margaret M. Harritt  is a former USAID senior international development professional with more than 20 years of management and technical coordination experience enabling clients to be more effective and accountable by systematically linking data analysis and results throughout the program cycle.  Beyond USAID/Washington assignments, she served in positions in Pakistan, Iraq,  Kazakistan, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Honduras and has extensive experience in project design, performance management, crisis/stabilization, youth programs, energy and water management, and education.  Her strengths include a natural ability to engage and train others; innovative critical thinking; gap and pattern analysis; and systems approaches to problem-solving.

Fanny Jorge has twenty one years of extensive procurement work under U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) rules and regulations. Currently serve as Contracting Officer II for FHI 360, having been promoted to manage FHI 360´s most important portfolio totaling over US$950M in Foreign Assistance and Private Sector Donors. Served as a Senior Acquisition and Assistance Specialist for the U.S. Agency for International Development Mission to Iraq managing three of the most complex procurement portfolios amounting to $1.3 Billion Dollars and negotiated two major programs with cost savings of $20M while handling management decisions of complex audit findings that resulted in US Funds recovery of approximately $12M. Served as the Director of Contracts, Grants and Legal Services for the Pan American Development Foundation; as the Acquisition and Assistance Specialist with USAID/RSC/RCO-Budapest assisting in the acquisition and assistance operations for Cyprus, Bosnia, the Regional Program and responsible for the contracting of all personal services contractors for the 12 client missions. I managed the entire Alternative Development portfolio for USAID/Colombia from 2001 through 2004, and the USAID/Panama Darien Community Development program for USAID/Panama from 2003 through 2004 with limited oversight from the Contracting Officer. My twenty one years of procurement experience have included temporary duty with USAID/Jamaica, USAID/Washington, USAID/Panama and USAID/Bosnia.

Bonnie Knox started and continues to run a consulting organization, Achievement Dynamics, that specializes in providing management and employee development training to private and public sector organizations. She has designed, planned and delivered seminars nationally and internationally and continues to work with and provide training and consulting services to manufacturers, non-profit organizations, state and federal agencies and healthcare organizations throughout the United States. She joined the faculty of Management Development Programs and Services at The Pennsylvania State University with an appointment as assistant professor in association with the College of the Education. She was hired by the University of Phoenix to provide guidance, review policies and procedures, and review performance of adjunct and full-time doctoral instructors for the Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Pysch program, Doctorate of Business Administration, and Doctorate of Management in Leadership/ Information Systems and Technology as well as teach doctoral on-line courses.

Christine Librizzi is an independent consultant providing training, executive coaching and organizational development services geared to increasing the effectiveness and promoting the growth of public sector leaders and managers. She provides leadership development training in the areas of strategic thinking and planning, teambuilding, executive coaching, change management, executive communication, conflict management, employee engagement, customer service and current government initiatives. Ms. Librizzi also conducts Federal acquisition and grants management training worldwide.

Jeffrey Marburg-Goodman has enjoyed a legal career spanning over twenty-five years, having served in both senior government and private sector positions.  At USAID, he served as both the Administrator’s Special Counsel and, for many years prior, the Agency’s Chief Acquisition & Assistance Counsel. Notably in the latter role, he led the Agency’s legal team in supporting the successful design and award of $5 billion+ in Iraq and Afghanistan reconstruction contracts, provision of creative legal solutions ensuring success of the largest-ever HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria health programs, and quick-turnaround legal interventions to ensure timely earthquake and tsunami relief around the world.  While at USAID, Mr. Marburg-Goodman also represented U.S. interests at the G-7, WTO, and OECD, among other multilateral organizations; at the OECD, Mr. Marburg-Goodman negotiated, on behalf of the United States, the Untying Agreements of 2001 and 2004 and the suite of capacity-building tools created to strengthen developing country procurement functions.  Mr. Marburg-Goodman has also served for nearly a decade as General Counsel at Creative Associates International and its sister non-profit organization, Creative Learning, Inc., where he focuses on risk mitigation strategy, corporate/ governmental compliance, and contracts, grants and other partnering mechanisms.  He has performed extensive training on government contracting and granting, as well as on other commercial transactions, for International Law Institute (ILI), International Development Law Organization (IDLO) and USAID itself.

Robert Miller retired in 2013 while serving as Supervisory Grants Unit Manager for USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA), which supported obligations total $642 million in FY12. His experience with USAID exceeds fifteen years supporting USAID overseas Missions and at USAID Headquarters in acquisition and assistance positions. Mr. Miller provides consultant services in business development and acquisition and assistance support and serves as a Senior Trainer for USAID’s Office of Acquisition and Assistance sponsored Basic Assistance Course for USAID employees worldwide.

Marisol Ramírez Sánchez has over 15 years of experience as a facilitator in restorative processes and in the use of alternative conflict resolution mechanisms. In Mexico, she has designed and implemented restorative justice programs with state prosecutor offices, state supreme courts, civil society organizations, and schools. She was also part of a strategic team that lobbied for the inclusion of restorative justice in federal level. She has also specialized in providing consulting support for the implementation of restorative justice in the penal code of several Mexican states. She has worked as a consultant providing assistance in mediation and restorative justice topics for USAID’s Security Support Program implemented by Management Systems International (MSI), as well as other USAID’s contractors such as TetraTech-DPK and Management Sciences for Development (MSD).  Ms. Ramírez earned a bachelor’s degree in law and social science from the Benito Juárez Autonomous University of Oaxaca and has a master’s degree in systemic family psychotherapy from Puebla’s Family and Couples Therapy Center. She is an authorized restorative practices instructor certified by the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP). She is a University of Virginia trained specialist in strategies for overcoming trauma and increasing resilience with victims affected by violence, as well as a certified facilitator in family conferences by the British Embassy.

William E. Reynolds, Ph.D. has over 26 years of progressive experience and responsibility as a USAID Contract and Agreement Officer. Over 10 years of management and technical experience in the private sector. Dr. Reynolds combines his strong procurement, program and business management experience with his extensive technical background to provide solid procurement decisions and facilitation skills.

Joe Steele has been consulting for over 20 years to governmental agencies, corporations, and non-profits about strategically managing their human resource needs to generate high performance and results. For assessment purposes, Joe facilitates monitoring and evaluation of the work environment to get input from the myriad of stakeholders by identifying strengths and areas for improvement necessary for adapting to the changing needs of the internal and external customers in alignment with strategic plans (Results Framework). He also does board retreats, executive coaching, and team building for senior and middle management to develop skills for leadership, career enhancement, and navigating organizational culture. He designs and facilitates workshops for management and non-management to address the challenges of communicating cross-culturally to effectively engage as diverse individuals and team members in the global workplace. In addition, he does the design and implementation for formal mentoring programs to nurture talent development.  Joe is conversant in Brazilian Portuguese with a working knowledge of Spanish.

Pam Stevens is a senior public administration and policy professional in the field of federal contracts and grants, especially those awarded by USAID. With over twenty years of experience in the analysis and implementation of federal contract and grant regulations, she is frequently sought out by U.S. and foreign organizations to build capacity, aiding them in the development of management systems and internal policies. Pam is a champion of systems that streamline organizational procedures as well engender strong management of U.S. taxpayer funds. She has managed multi-million dollar portfolios of federal contracts and grants and has implemented process improvement policies for federal agencies and for- and not-for profit companies in the U.S. and around the globe.

Gwendolyn Poindexter Whiting has been an independent training consultant for more than 20 years. She specializes in facilitation, mediation, diversity and cross cultural conflict resolution training, team building, change management and coaching. She is noted for her expertise in providing technical assistance and training to non-traditional leaders, empowering them to be more participatory in decision-making processes in their local communities.

Melita Yearwood is an accomplished and multi-faceted retired U.S. Government procurement professional with progressive experience including, but not limited to Contracting/Agreement Officer with exceptional negotiating skills and twelve years as a trainer. As a former Senior Procurement Analyst, Melita is well versed in acquisition and assistance policies having developed, issued, maintained, interpreted and provided advice on U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID’s) policies and regulations.