Rodger Garner is a former senior manager with USAID with more than 30 years of professional management and donor coordination experience in all sectors of USAID programing. He served in Senior USAID Leadership positions in Pakistan, Mexico, Romania and Nicaragua and has extensive management experience in negotiating inter-agency budgets, supervising large-scale Development Outreach and Communication programs, managing staff exceeding 300 employees, and providing expertise in host country engagement. His skills includes drafting, editing and presenting complex programs to a wide variety of audiences, including both U.S. and foreign countries. Prior positions held at USAID include Mission Director, Deputy Mission Director,  Program Office Director, Agriculture Development Officer and Agriculture Economist.



Senior Technical Specialist to Health Office, USAID/India, Delhi, India

10/15 – Current.  Work with the USAID Health Office Director and Health Office team to provide programmatic and administrative support to assist in the achievement of their core development objectives.  Duties include coaching/mentoring staff, provision of programmatic documents for portfolio reviews, monitoring and evaluation support of implementing partners, contribution to overall strategy refresh and support for project design efforts.

Special Advisor to the Front Office, USAID/Kenya and East Africa, Nairobi, Kenya

4/2015 – 10/15.  Worked with the USAID Front Office team to ensure that the overall goals and development objectives for the Mission were on track to successful completion.  Provided executive level guidance on strategic, technical, programmatic, and management oversight for the portfolios of all three Mission operating units – Kenya, East Africa and Somalia.  Guided the preparation of the Regional Development Cooperation Strategy.  Served as a teacher and mentor to junior staff.  Reported directly to the Mission Director.  U.S. Personal Services Contract.  Top Secret security clearance.

USAID Pakistan Desk Officer (acting), Washington, D.C.

12/14 to 4/15.  Backstopped all USAID Pakistan programs and affairs in the Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs (OAPA). Represented USAID in meetings with the National Security Council, Congress, US Department of State, the International Monetary Fund concerning USAID’s program in Pakistan.  Drafted and cleared documents for Congress, State and USAID, including budget request for FY2016 and the Congressional Notification for FY2014.  Supervised a staff of six professionals. Served as a teacher and mentor for junior staff.  Reported directly to the OAPA/Deputy Assistant Administrator for Pakistan.  U.S. Personal Services Contract.  Top Secret security clearance.

Mentor/Coach for USAID/Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 

8/2104 to 9/2014.  Worked for consultancy company, Claro KC, LLC.

Duties:  trained, mentored, and coached junior staff in program design, implementation, procurement processes, budgeting and writing documents for Mission management.

Supervisor:  Jeff Bell, phone 301-593-4250; email:


Deputy Mission Director, USAID/Pakistan, located in Islamabad, Pakistan

From 12/2010 until my retirement from USAID on January 11, 2014.

Duties:  One of two Deputy Mission Directors for USAID/Pakistan, the second largest USAID Mission in the world, with an annual budget of over $700 million and a staff of over 300.  Supervised the Program Office that led all program/project design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and budgets.  In addition, supervised the offices of Energy, Stabilization, Economic Growth and Agriculture and the Development Outreach and Communication Office.  The Stabilization Office included the OTI program that was funded by the USAID/Pakistan budget.  This was one of OTI’s largest programs in the world, and one of the most successful as it received full support from State, the Embassy, AID/W and the USAID Mission.  The USAID program successfully completed multi-purpose dams, irrigation systems, hundreds of kilometers of roads, hundreds of schools and promoted health, education, energy and economic growth projects in one of the most dangerous counties in the world.

Supervisors:  Greg Gottlieb, current Mission Director. Phone: +9251-208-2349; email:  Jonathan (Jock) Conly, immediate past Mission Director.  Phone: 413-255-0173; email  Andy Sisson, my first Mission Director in Pakistan.  Phone +6221-3435-9000; email:

Mission Director, USAID/Mexico, located in Mexico City, Mexico

From 1/2007 until 11/2010.

Duties:  Led the USAID program to support Mexico’s newly elected Felipe Calderon administration as it battled narco-criminal networks that sold most of their illegal drugs to the United States for an estimated $50-$70 billion annually.  We created and co-funded a unique bilateral program between U.S. and Mexican states’ attorneys general that promoted justice reforms in Mexico and crime fighting cooperation at the state level.  We also fostered bilateral cooperation programs with over 70 U.S. and Mexican universities.  Our bilateral programs also promoted cross border cooperation in climate change, education, health and disaster preparation and responses, and a unique state bond program that raised over $1 billion in Mexican state-level bonds.  In the spring of 2009, a global pandemic of H1N1 influenza began in Mexico.  USAID and CDC worked with the governments of Mexico and Canada to identify and stop the spread of the disease, earning the praise of global health officials and saving the lives of millions.

Mission Director, USAID/Romania, located in Bucharest, Romania

From 6/2003 to 12/2006.

Duties:  Led the USAID/Romania program as it supported Romania’s transition and entry into the European Union.  Most of the USAID program was designed to support Romania’s democratic and economic transitions to prepare and qualify for full membership with the European Union and Community.  In addition, our health programs promoted healthy family planning choices and combatted the spread of HIV/AIDS and TB.  One of our unique partnerships created during my tenure was with the Romania Orthodox Church to promote HIV/AIDS education, tolerance and the prevention of trafficking in persons.  We also created and funded a innovative partnership with Romania’s Special Olympics that achieved national recognition.  Our programs also promoted international adoptions and better quality services for Romania’s tens of thousands of orphans.  Romania was the first country in Western Europe that was invaded by Avian Influenza.  USAID responded immediately by bringing in the world’s best virologists to advise the President and Prime Minister on appropriate public health actions, preventing human deaths while protecting the food supply.

Deputy Mission Director, USAID/Nicaragua, located in Managua, Nicaragua

From 7/1999 to 5/2003.

Duties:  Supported the Mission Director to lead the USAID program in Nicaragua, a full USAID program supporting all sectors of development – health, education, agriculture, economic growth and natural resources.  In addition, I was appointed to lead the design and implementation of a special $104 million program to support Nicaragua’s recovery from Hurricane Mitch.

Supervisory Program Officer, USAID/Dominican Republic, located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

From 1/1998 to 6/1999.

Duties:  Led the mission’s program office to design, implement, monitor and evaluate all programs and projects in the mission’s portfolio, including budgets.  The projects included health, agriculture, health, education and civil society.

Supervisory Project Development Officer, E&E Bureau, located in Washington, DC

From 9/1996 to 12/1997.

Duties:  Provided support to the Bureau and Missions in Europe and Eurasia on all issues in project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.  At that time, the E&E Bureau portfolio and missions involved billions of dollars.  The majority of the programs were designed to support the countries’ transition from communism to free markets and democratic societies.

Program Officer, Policy, Outreach, Strategy, Africa Bureau, located in Washington, DC

From 7/1995 to 8/1996.

Duties:  Provided programmatic support to all of the Africa Bureau’s strategies, programs and projects.

Agricultural Development Officer, USAID/Philippines, located in Manila, Philippines

From 6/1988 to 6/1995.

Duties:  Designed and implemented agriculture projects in USAID’s portfolio.  Supported agriculture development and policy reforms that led to the country’s entry into the World Trade Organization, lowered trade barriers and opened markets to global trade.

Agricultural Economist, USAID/Somalia, located in Mogadishu, Somalia

From 5/1985 to 5/1988.

Duties:  Designed and implemented agricultural development projects.

International Development Intern (Agricultural Economics), USAID/Washington in Washington, DC  from 3/1984 to 5/1985.

Duties:  Entry to USAID as a junior officer.  Training in USAID systems of strategy development, program/project design and implementation.

President, Dee J. Garner and Sons Dairy, located in Nyssa, Oregon from 12/1978 to 2/1984.  Duties:  Managed all aspects of family dairy farm.


1978                      Iowa State University (Agricultural Economics)             A.B.D. PhD

1975                      Iowa State University (Agricultural Economics)                         M.S.

1974                      Utah State University (Agricultural Economics)                          B.S.


Spanish                 S‑3, R‑3

French                   S-2, R-2

Thai                       S-2, R-2


Administrator’s Award for Distinguished Career Service, 2014

Superior Accomplishment Award, 2012

Performance Award, 2000, 1999, 1994, 1992

Superior Honor Award, 1993

Administrator’s Implementation Award, 1991