Over fifteen years’ experience in engaging and encouraging adult learners using small and large group activities, discussions, role plays, and other interactive methods to transmit, reinforce, and assess knowledge and skills. Brings skill and knowledge to work with students from diverse cultural, socio-economic, and educational backgrounds; observes and addresses variations in individual learning styles and abilities. Through teaching methods, models the importance of mutual respect and cooperation among all learning community members; facilitates professional relationships within the classroom. Practices active listening and intentional feedback to promote critical reflection and increased self-efficacy for students. Successful in diverse educational environments: workforce training, continuing education for adult learners, and developmental and degree-required courses at community colleges and universities. Consistently rated highly effective as an instructor by students, peers, and administrators. Developed and delivered online and face-to-face courses using a variety of technologies including Podcasts, synchronous and asynchronous communications, Prezi, Power Point, Elmo projectors, Smart Boards, instructional videos, and other technologies. Accomplished writer, editor, author, and presenter: invited to present at major conferences; selected to work on several textbooks, instructor manuals, and on-demand writing projects; published in and edited for nationally-distributed journals.


Independent Consultant, various world-wide locations, 2012-present

Managed and taught with SME a ten-day course designed to certify contract and grant administration professionals for USAID. Assisted in the update of course and facilitation manual to align materials with changing USAID and USG policy.

Co-developed and co-taught a USAID Statement of Work writing workshop.

Trained at sites around the world including Africa, Central America, Europe, and Asia.

At US government request, designed and delivered courses in effective professional writing to government professionals from entry to executive levels.

Adjunct Faculty, Lecturer, various US locations, 1991-2012

Designed and delivered courses to adult, working students seeking to advance their careers.

Designed and delivered remedial courses in English for adult learners. Taught students 18-70 years old from a variety of socio-economic, educational, and cultural backgrounds.

Certified to teach online courses using the Angel and Blackboard systems.

Prepared adult learners for career advancement exams.

Designed and delivered courses for international students in mixed class settings. Courses were designed to promote intercultural awareness and understanding while also building English writing and reading skills in native and non-native speakers. Tailored instruction to speakers with varying degrees of fluency while also setting and helping students meet high expectations for course outcomes.

Attended faculty development workshops, including courses on student engagement, diversity, and using new technology in the classroom.

Selected for several instructional research grants that included compiling research and presenting findings to peers in interactive learning sessions.

Able to adopt new technology and use it to enhance classroom experiences. Used Elmo projectors, Prezi, and Smart Boards in classes and workshops. In addition to traditional presentation media, created podcasts and video lectures to deliver instructional content.

Wrote exercises, instructions, and writing samples for a number of nationally available textbooks including The Holt Handbook. Co-wrote the texts and authored the instructor’s manuals for two textbooks, The Wired Society and Interconnections.

Wrote student and faculty manuals for departmental and institution-wide programs.

Chosen to mentor new faculty.

Taught at a variety of institutions including New Mexico State University, University of Texas at El Paso, Northwest Florida State College, Western New England University, Middlesex Community College, Sinclair Community College, and Sandy Spring Friends School.


MFA Creative Writing, University of Texas at El Paso, May 1995
MA English Language and Literature, University of West Florida, Aug. 1993
BA English Language and Literature, University of Texas at Tyler, May 1986