Claro KC Coaching and Mentoring

As organizations evolve and program budgets and staff levels are adjusted, there is often a need to provide organizational support to increase internal efficiencies by providing training to both individuals and teams.

Mentoring and coaching, along with targeted interventions of customized training, is a proven combination to promote the successful evolution of an organization and its staff, and provides an important catalyst for career growth, development, and increased productivity within an organization. If designed properly, the program will foster the development of leadership capacities and assist with staff recruitment and retention.

A typical Claro KC effort would include: 1) conducting an initial assessment of the needs of the organization, teams and individuals; 2) developing a project roadmap to success; 3) gaining the support and commitment of senior management; 4) providing dedicated coaches/mentors and targeted, specialized training interventions; and 5) continuous intervention and support throughout the program to ensure efficiency measures identified are actually achieved.

Activities will include goal making, scenario based training (specific organizational examples/case studies), interactive experiences, repeated follow­‐up as necessary, dynamic discussions, and role-playing. The agenda is aimed at providing increased training and the advancement of work-related skills with the ultimate goal of enacting and influencing individual and organizational development and cultural change from within.

Throughout this process, Claro KC will follow the four basic principles of mentoring as outlined by the “4 P’s”:

The “4 P’s” 

  • Problems – identifying the problems within an organization is the first and most important step in any mentoring project. In order to identify and develop helpful solutions, all pertinent stakeholders should be interviewed thoroughly, to obtain a clear understanding of an organisation’s strengths  and weaknesses and to determine areas for process improvement.
  • Policy – this includes enacting changes at the policy level so that the project can be successfully implemented.  At this stage, teams will be supported to work with those at the senior level to develop an approval process by which all pertinent policy changes and actions can be approved and institutionalized to achieve enhanced permanent efficiencies.
  • Proposed Solutions – following the interview and data collection process, a creative plan of action will be put into place.  All relevant individuals and teams to include mentors and coaches properly and sufficiently briefed and trained on the project’s goals and the best ways to achieve them.
  • Precedent – this type of intervention will build from your current structure that exists at various levels of engagement for specific staff within the organization.

Claro KC engagement will normally involve the following core elements:

  • Targeted to Individual or Overall Needs of Organization
  • Focused on Organization’s Operational Issues
  • Coaching for Success Scenario Based Training Engagement
  • Repetitive Training Engagement as Necessary
  • Use of Learning Examples – Teach It/Use It
  • Adult Learning Techniques – Engagement, Practice, Review/Deploy/Review
  • Assigned Coach/Mentor for Duration
  • On-site, Face-to-face, Virtual and As-needed Support

Interventions Available:

  • Effective Communication
  • Getting to the Point
  • Performance Management Plans/Skills/Techniques
  • Quality Control/Document Preparation/Clearances
  • Effective Follow-through
  • Micro Management
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Honoring Commitments
  • Performance Management
  • Continuous Effective Writing Support
  • Leadership/Mentoring Skills Workshops
  • Compliance Oversight
  • Getting to Yes Quickly/Efficiently
  • Multi-Culture Awareness
  • Technical Writing Support Services