Grant and Cooperative Agreement Compliance Course for USAID Staff and Partners

Course Overview

Islamabad, Pakistan August 2013 from Claro KC

Custom designed for organizations with current or prospective USAID sponsorship by prior USAID Agreement Officers with expansive and recent experience in all aspects of USAID assistance processes, regulations and procedures.

The program level of this course is basic and highly appropriate for staff involved in grant and cooperative agreement award and administration, compliance officials, financial staff and program officers managing USAID financed programs and activities worldwide.

No prerequisite is required before attending this course or advance preparation.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course participants will be able to:

Associate why requirements of the assistance process were developed and what is expected of Recipients and the role of USAID Agreement Officer Representatives (AORs)

Undertake a guided tour through the myriad of USAID rules and regulations designed to ensure compliance and successful project implementation, including a detailed examination of 2 CFR 200 regulations (issued in December 2014)

Resolve award and sub-award implementation issues

Decide which USAID prior approval requirement is appropriate and learn about award extensions

Interpret waivers, when they are required and how they impact the project

Assess and understand organizations’ policies related to the implementation of USAID regulations and how to ensure successful award administration and achievement of stated objectives

Define and understand the structure of USAID and how to build cooperative and beneficial relationships

Prepare organizations to achieve successful audits, audit resolutions and realize proactive measures to prevent disallowances from occurring

Apply and understand appropriate report-keeping procedures for maintenance of documentation