We Offer Training and Technical Assistance

At Claro KC, we offer training and technical assistance in support of acquisition and assistance (A&A) activities and implementation strategies, project management, decision-making, conflict transformation, and wise use of resources to organizations for effective coordination and execution of international development programs. Training, technical assistance approaches, methodology, and strategies are designed and implemented by a knowledgeable and experienced team.

Jeff Bell has found success with international institutions by restructuring training focused on empowerment and leadership development for USAID missions overseas and delivering specialized training courses in program management focused on acquisition and assistance issues.

Pablo Carvajal’s extensive professional achievements include creating and managing education and research programs for governmental and non-governmental organizations to promote access to justice through restorative practices in Latin America and the United States.

Claro KC’s principles and methods are the culmination of years of experience and practice while striving to meet and exceed client expectations. Always believers in learning by doing, appreciating cultural diversity and local solutions, creating environmentally responsible results, and using resources consciously and transparently, Claro KC is a natural fit for international development organizations in need of increased sustainability and effectiveness.

Claro KC began as a response to the challenges international organizations face in reaching their goals implementing foreign assistance programs in the developing world and understanding the unique needs of international donors. Our methodology is designed to be engaging to adult participants and ensures that a variety of learning needs are successfully structured and applicable.

Claro KC employs a versatile training model with the ability to work with governments, non-governmental organizations and the private sector in the U.S. and worldwide. Our positive practice model fosters both a learning environment and the interactions needed to make a great organization: participation, valuing local practice, ownership, safe and open conversation, sharing, self-discovery, self-determination, creation, and purpose.

The team began their partnership after jointly completing almost 40 years of experience “pursuing goals from different links to the same chain” says Pablo. He explains that while Jeff was managing large foreign assistance programs and portfolios as a USAID Mission Director in Brazil and Deputy Director in Mexico, he was coordinating local and national communication, education and research projects in Colombia, Mexico and the United States. Although both of unique perspectives, Jeff and Pablo were working hard in the same arena to help expand the reach of prosperity and dignity to the world’s most vulnerable through initiatives supporting democracy, human rights and justice; leading quick responses to humanitarian crises; strengthening health systems; and boosting environmental conservation and agricultural productivity.

While Jeff’s experience with USAID has included oversight and management of large staffs both at USAID headquarters in Washington DC and at USAID Missions overseas, he says they both agreed, “at Claro KC the idea was to be open-minded and collaborative, equal. There would be no bosses, no titles, no departments separate from the whole”.

As your training needs become known, give Claro KC and its team a chance to partner with your organization and employ our unique capabilities.